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Q1 What is "cordless caulking gun" ?

"Cordless caulking gun" is a battery driven tool designed especially for adhesive/sealant dispensing. 

It is now widely used in application of flexible sealing compounds to close up gaps in buildings and other structures against water, air, dust, insects, or as a component in firestopping.

Q2 Battery durability.


In general, a fully charged 7.2V 1.5Ah battery can dispense 100 tubes of 300ml silicone under indoor temperature around 25 degrees Celsius.

You will not be interested in watching the whole video for two hours, so this clip is condensed in 5 minutes.

Q3 Attention when you use


Never remove the push rod off the tool in any case, otherwise it will cause failure of spheres locating which makes the gun fail to work.

In case of that residual material left on the push rod, please clean it up thoroughly before pulling the rod to the backward position. The purpose is to prevent the material from entering the inner mechanism and keeping the tool in good condition.